Debt Settlement Company Testimonials

The debt settlement programs offered at DebtSettlementCompanyHelp.com provide the debt relief and debt management help that millions of Americans now seek in these times of economic uncertainty. We understand that many people out there are scared and unsure where to turn for help with their deteriorating financial situation. Our Debt Settlement Company has a real sense of compassion for your debt problems and we are experts in creating a custom debt settlement program that is just right for you. Why continue to drown in debt when happiness and debt free living is just a free phone call away?

Debt Management and Credit Card Debt Settlement are services that we pride ourselves on. Our mission is simple - To help our clients become debt free. Very often, this debt relief process results in a life changing experience for our clients and we encourage them to write to us about it. The experts at DebtSettlementCompanyHelp.com understand that choosing a Debt Settlement Company to work with can be a difficult decision and we believe that the best way to display what we do is for our clients to have them express their debt settlement experience with us in their own words.

When my wife lost her job a few months back, we really missed the second income coming in. We "temporarily" made up for the income shortage by over-using our credit cards. I didn't even realize how quickly the bills started piling up. The thought of seeking debt settlement advice seemed a bit scary and we didn't really know how to choose the right debt settlement company. After the first few minutes of speaking with a debt management specialist we found though DebtSettlementCompanyHelp.com I knew we were headed down the right path. They were able to slash our credit card debt by 50% and we are now well on our way to living debt free again. I give my sincere thanks to everyone at Debt Settlement Company Help, I hate to think where we would be right now without them!
-Rich and Angela Ruby, San Diego, CA

The good folks at DebtSettlementCompanyHelp.com went over all of my credit card and unsecured debt and discussed my options in language I could easily understand. I am now on a debt settlement program with lower monthly payments and only owe about half of what I owed previously. I felt like I was speaking with a friend, I wish I had contacted them a long time ago. If you are feeling like I was, hesitant to pick up the phone and seek help, I urge you to give them a call. They give free advice and there is no obligation to go over your options. The option I chose was to start a new debt free life...needless to say it was the best decision I ever made.
-Robert Raynon, Pompano Beach, FL

When I graduated college I was excited to live on my own and support my self in the "real world". I got a good entry level job and the credit card offers were coming in the mail every day. I was on top of the world and I think my excitement fueled my tendencies for overspending. When I realized I wasn't able to keep up with my monthly payments, I knew I was in pretty deep trouble. An older friend recommended I check out DebtSettlementCompanyHelp.com and I filled out their online form. After a few easy phone calls with my debt settlement specialist, I had my balances cut by more than half! I saved over $15,000 and afford my monthly payments again. Wow...what an unbelievable relief! I told 2 of my other college buddies about DebtSettlmentCompanyHelp.com and they knocked off about half of their credit card debt too! I tell everyone I know to check it out. Thanks for the 100th time!

When my husband, James, got sick last year, our finances went into a complete tailspin. I felt lucky to have the high limits on our credit cards to get us through the tough time we were going through. James wasn't able to return to work as quickly as we expected and we fell way, way behind on our bills. Ethically, we didn't feel comfortable filing for bankruptcy so researched debt settlement options online. That's when I found DebtSettlementCompanyHelp.com. They really made me feel comfortable and answered what seemed like a million questions I had. In addition to the debt settlement program they fit us with, we also received Pre-Paid Legal services which gave me real piece of mind.